Working Party


Objectives Of The Working Parties

As a member of the society you will know that you have access to over 230 waters, both still and running, and with many of these owned by the society. The upkeep of such a large estate is considerable and the work of members is vital if the society’s assets are to be maintained and enhanced. Many of the waters, which are leased, are held on the basis that they are kept in good condition. Your work is therefore vital in supporting the society and retaining such outstanding fishing.


The work to be done will have been decided upon in advance.
Typically it can include:-

* Trimming and removing bankside growth- this can include, on occasions and with agreement, some large branches etc. This is usually a large amount of the days work to open up new swims and clear others.
* Making stiles, mending fences, constructing bridges over ditches etc.
* Making platforms so members can fish in comfort.
* Planting and pruning trees, making and erecting notice boards.

On the day of any working party a supervisor will have liaised with the members about specific tasks which have to be completed. The supervisor is in sole charge of the working parties.

Benefits To Members

Every member who attends a working party will receive a working party ticket. This is to be stuck into their membership card. Each year we close forty waters for a month at a time. This ticket enables members to fish these closed waters, plus any new waters that are acquired. New waters are closed for the first twelve months to people other than working party ticket holders.

Online Application

WP River Venue Numbers Date Supervisor Work to be done
False20a  hatchmere  28/11/2017  tidy up  
False20b  hatchmere  29/11/2017  tidy up  
False20a hodder  03/12/2017 th  meet by the bridge 
False21 eden brocklewath 10 - FULL 09/12/2017 jk / pd tree work  
False22 eden brocklewath 10 10/12/2017 jk / pd tree work  
False23  sandra's & bull's pools 8 - FULL 16/12/2017 pd   
False24 severn royal hill 4 FULL 16/12/2017 tc gate / stile  
False24a  horseshoe 13/01/2018 lw peg work  
False25 severn white abbey 10 14/01/2018 tc tree / bank work  
False26  sand & dove FULL 21/01/2018 m latham   
False25a hyndburn   31/01/2018  tree planting  
False25b hyndburn   03/02/2018  tree planting  
False25c hyndburn   07/02/2018  tree planting  
False25d hyndburn   10/02/2018  treeplanting  
False26a  marbury 10 11/02/2018    
False26c dove & henmore  12 11/02/2018 d ashworth  loppers, bowsaw, waders 
False27 severn lower trehelig 10 24/02/2018 tc   
False28 liddle  10 24/02/2018 jk / pd   
False29 liddle  10 25/02/2018 jk / pd   
False30  sand & dove 12- FULL 25/02/2018 m latham   
False26b  intake 28/02/2018  6pm start for less able members 
False30a  intake 03/03/2018  9am start for less able members 
False31 eden brocklewath 10 03/03/2018 jk / pd tree work  
True32 eden crosby holmgate 10 04/03/2018 jk / pd venue changed  
False32a mint   10/03/2018    
False32c  marbury 10 10/03/2018    
False32b mint   11/03/2018    
False33 dee bryn selwrn 10 - FULL 17/03/2018  cutting & burning rhodies saws etc. 
False33a  station lake  25/03/2018 s oulton tidy up  
False34  bosley 12 25/03/2018 fw   
False34a  springwood 12 25/03/2018 pl   
False33b  field farm 12 26/03/2018 f salt   
False35 dovey   31/03/2018 j kirby   
False35c mawddach  12 07/04/2018 j eardley   
False36  marbury 12 08/04/2018 r isherwood straw in waders needed 
False37  ossmere 12 08/04/2018 john / tony straw in waders needed 
False38  the isle 12 08/04/2018 dm straw in waders needed 
False38a  gailey 10 08/04/2018 bb   
False39  redesmere  08/04/2018 ac straw in waders needed 
False39a dysinni  10 14/04/2018 ch / jk   
True34b new date fairoaks 10 15/04/2018 dn   
True35a s tyne new date 21/04/2018 jk / pd   
True35b s tyne new date 22/04/2018 jk / pd   
False40  bosley  22/04/2018 fw   
False41 lledr   22/04/2018 d evans   
False41a eden holmgate  19/05/2018    
False41b eden holmgate  20/05/2018 jk grass cutting  
False42  ribble show 12 - FULL 03/06/2018 jk   
False43  ribble show 10 - FULL 09/06/2018 jk   
False43a severn various 25 09/06/2018 n blood  meet battlefield services 
False44  ribble show 30 10/06/2018 jk 8am to 3pm  
False45  ribble show 10/06/2018 jk 3pm to finish